Top-quality seafood, every day of the year

Forged over three decades, our relationships with our fisherman and suppliers paired with our world-class logistics and facilities makes us proud to offer you the highest-grade fresh fish and speciality seafood all year round.

All of our fish is 100% traceable and hand-selected daily.

To hear if we have what you’re looking for, go ahead and contact us for the most recent availability report or follow us on Instagram to see what’s arriving daily.

Wild-Caught Fish

We always source the freshest and finest wild-caught fish from across the country and trace our catch from when it lands in the boat, to the moment it arrives in your kitchen.

Our location puts us in the prime position to access amazing produce caught Australia-wide: from right here on our doorstep in Port Phillip Bay, as well as greater Victoria, SA, Tas, and even further afield to the west coast of New Zealand. 

We always have expert filleters on hand to process your fish to your exact specifications, so that you can create the best food from the best fish.


Bar Cod
Bass Groper
Blue Cod
Blue Eye
Blue Grenadier
Bream – Black
Bream – Sea
Cod – Rankin
Dhu Fish
Dory – John
Dory – King
Dory – Mirror
Dory – Oreo
Dory – Smooth
Flathead – Dusky
Flathead – Rock
Flounder – Greenback
Flounder – Sand
Flounder – Sand
Flounder – Yellow Belly
Grass Whiting (Strangers)
Leather Jacket
Ling – Pink
Ling – Rock
Long Snout Boarfish (Duckfish)
Mackerel – Jack
Mackerel – Slimy / Blue
Mackerel – Spanish
Mahi Mahi
Mangrove Jack
Mullet – Red
Mullet – Yellow Eye
Ocean Perch
Orange Roughy
Pearl Perch
Red Emperor
Red Fin
Red Fish
Red Throat Emperor
Rudderfish / Escolar
Scorpion Fish
Shark – Gummy
Shark – Rig
Shark – School
Snapper – Baby
Snapper – Flametail
Snapper – Goldband
Snapper – Ruby
Spangled Emperor
Tommy Ruff Herring
Trevally – Black (Warehou)
Trevally – Silver
Trevally – Spotted
Trout – Coral
Trumpeter – Striped
Tuna – Albacore
Tuna – Blue Fin
Tuna – Skip Jack
Tuna – Yellow Fin
Whiting – King George
Whiting – Sand
Whiting – School
Whiting – Silver

Farmed Fish

As the availability of wild-caught fish varies throughout the season, we also offer premium, sustainable, responsibly-farmed fish throughout the year.

Our strict supplier standards mean we only work with the best in the business. We offer superior products, like meaty, mild-flavoured Barramundi from Humpty Doo (NT) to sashimi-grade Hiramasa Kingfish from Spencer Gulf (SA).


Baby Barramundi | Humpty Doo
Barramundi | Humpty Doo / Cone Bay
Cobia | Rocky Point Aquaculture
Kingfish – Hiramasa | Clean Seas
Kingfish – Yellowtail | Clean Seas
Murray Cod | Aquna Sustainable
Salmon – Atlantic | Petuna / Huon / Tassal
Salmon – King
Salmon – Ora King
Salmon – Saikou Mt Cook
Trout – Brook | Goulburn River Trout
Trout – King | Goulburn River Trout
Trout – Ocean | Petuna
Trout – Rainbow | Goulburn River Trout


Our cephalopod produce showcases the seasonal best throughout the year – from locally caught Lakes Entrance octopus to the freshest calamari and squid from across Australia.

We also stock a range of premium frozen Australian & Imported Cephalopods, ensuring supply throughout the year.


Calamari – Southern
Calamari – California
Calamari – Trawled
Octopus – Baby
Octopus – Cockburn Sound
Octopus – Pallidus
Squid – Bottle
Squid – Loligo
Squid – Tentacles
Squid Tubes – Aus
Squid Tubes – Imported


From Clarence River Prawns (NSW), to Moreton Bay Bugs (QLD), Spanner Crabs (QLD) and Crayfish of every size, we’ve got you covered for Crustaceans.

Get in touch to find out what’s in season, or coming up next. We stock Crustaceans for everyone – live, fresh and frozen.


Bugmeat – Australia
Bugmeat – Imported
Bugs – Australia
Bugs – Cooked
Bugs – Half Cut
Bugs – Honey
Bugs – Imported
Crab – Backshell – Spanner
Crab – Blue Swimmer
Crab – Blue Swimmer Raw Half Cut
Crab – King Crab Legs Cooked
Crab – King Crab Legs Raw
Crab – Mud Sections
Crab – Sand
Crab – Snow Claws
Crab – Soft Shell
Crab Meat – Blue Swimmer Cooked
Crab Meat – Blue Swimmer Raw
Crab Meat – Spanner Cooked
Crab Meat – Spanner Raw
Crabmeat – Blue Swimmer Claw
Crabs – Alaskan Legs
Crayfish – Cooked
Crayfish – Spiders
Crayfish – Tails
Crayfish (Southern Rock Lobster) – Fresh Cooked
Lobster – Cooked Whole Canadian
Lobster – Half Split Blanched Canadian
Lobster – Meat – Cooked – Canadian
Lobster – Meat – Raw – Canadian
Prawns – School
Prawn – Heads
Prawn Meat – Argentina
Prawn Meat – Australia
Prawn Meat – Cooked
Prawn Meat – Imported
Prawns – Ama Ebi
Prawns – Cooked Cutlets – Imported
Prawns – Cooked Whole – Crystal Bay
Prawns – Cooked Whole – Kings
Prawns – Cooked Whole Tiger
Prawns – Cooked Whole Tiger Tropic Co
Prawns – Cutlets – Raw – Tiger
Prawns – Raw – Whole – Cape Moreton Scarlet Prawns
Prawns – Raw – Whole – Crystal Bay
Prawns – Raw – Whole – Kings Australia
Prawns – Raw – Whole – Razor Back
Prawns – Raw – Whole – Tiger Skull Island
Prawns – Raw – Whole – Tiger Tropic Co
Prawns – Raw – Whole – Tiger Wild
Prawns – Raw Cutlets – Kings – Australia
Prawns – Raw Cutlets Australia
Prawns – Raw Cutlets Back Tiger
Prawns – Raw Cutlets Imported
Prawns – Sushi
Prawns – Whole – Cooked – Kings Aus
Prawns – Whole – Cooked – Mooloolaba Fresh
Prawns – Whole – Raw – Banana
Prawns – Whole – Raw – Jumbo Clarence River Fresh
Prawns – Whole – Raw – Kings
Prawns – Whole – Raw – Lakes Entrance Fresh
Prawns – Whole – Raw – Tiger
Scallop – Meat
Scampi – Australian
Scampi – New Zealand
Shrimps – Cooked & Peeled



Whether we deliver them to you live, or cleaned and shucked, we love supplying our customers with an unrivalled variety of Oysters, hand-selected daily from Australia’s best Oyster farms. We have several sizes available, including Bottles, Bistro, Plates, Standards & Large.

Looking for the ultimate oyster experience for customers? Try our range of premium branded Sydney Rock & Pacific Oysters.

We also have a range of frozen oysters available for use while Oysters are spawning or limited in availability due to environmental factors.


Albany Rock
Oyster – Akoya Leeuwin Coast – Frozen
Oysters – Open – Frozen
Pacific | Royal Miyagi
Pearl Meat – Frozen
Sydney Rock
Sydney Rock | Appellation | East 33

Live Seafood

With our live seafood permit, Clamms are proud to offer a range of live seafood options for you and your customers to enjoy.
Available seasonally.


Mud Crabs
Sea Urchin
Snow Crabs
Spanner Crabs


We stock a range of Caviar options for your menu’s. Whether you’re after the best black caviar for an event or a great addition to a meal. We can source a range of sizes from 10g tins to 1kg tins, in addition to our standard sizes that are readily available for you to order today.


Brook Trout Roe – Yarra Valley Caviar
Herring Roe (Avruga)
Ikura Shoyu Zuke – Yarra Valley Caviar
Ocean Trout Roe – Huon
Ora King Salmon Roe
Rainbow Trout Roe – Yarra Valley Caviar
Sad Mullet Roe
Salmon Roe – Bloody Shiraz Gin – Yarra Valley Caviar
Salmon Roe – Huon
Salmon Roe – Yarra Valley Caviar
Salmon Roe First Harvest – Yarra Valley Caviar
Salted Cod Roe – 100% – Taramasalata
Scampi Roe
Sea Grapes
Sea Urchin Roe – 12A Wooden Tray
Seaweed Umi Budo Green Sea Grapes
Smoked Salmon Roe – Yarra Valley Caviar
Sturgeon Baerii
Sturgeon Oscietra
Tobiko Roe
Urchin Roe – Kina
Urchin Roe (Uni)


Whether you order live, fresh or frozen; we love supplying our customers with an unrivalled variety of Clams, Mussels and Scallops


Abalone – Green Lip
Clams – Asian
Clams – Diamond Shell
Clams – Diamond Shell Petite
Clams – Little Neck
Clams – Meat
Clams – Storm Shell
Clams – Venus
Mussels – Mt Martha
Mussels – Green Lip Cooked
Mussels – Half Shell
Mussels – Meat Chilean
Mussels – Meat NZ
Mussels – Portarlington
Mussels – Spring Bay
Mussels – Whole NZ
Pipis – Goolwa
Scallops – Abrolhos Island Scallop Meat
Scallops – Bass Strait
Scallops – Canadian
Scallops – Half Shell Australian
Scallops – Half Shell Roe On Peru
Scallops – Port Phillip Bay
Scallops – Roe Off – Australian
Scallops – Roe Off – Imported
Scallops – Roe Off – Japanese
Scallops – Roe Off – Peru
Scallops – Roe Off – USA
Scallops – Rottnest Island

Smoked & Marinated

Try our variety of fresh and frozen Smoked Seafood from our trusted suppliers. We also stock a range of premium canned Portuguese products, enquire with our team today to find out more.


Cod – Smoked
Eels – Smoked
Haddock – Smoked
Hake – Smoked
Mussels – Smoked
Ocean Trout – Catering – Smoked
Octopus – Pickled
Range of canned Portuguese fish products
Salmon – Banquet Cut – Smoked
Salmon – Catering – Smoked
Salmon – Hot Smoked Unsliced
Salmon – King Hot SmokedPortions
Salmon – NZ Smoked
Salmon – Ora – Random – Unsliced – Smoked
Salmon – Random NZ Sliced – Smoked
Salmon – Smoked
Salmon – Unsliced – Smoked
Salmon Gravlax – Sliced
Salmon Pieces – Smoked
Trout – Fillets – Smoked
Trout – Ocean – Sliced – Smoked
Trout – Ocean – Unsliced – Smoked
Trout – Soft – Japanese Tetsuya Sliced
Trout – Soft – Japanese Tetsuya Unsliced
White Anchovies in EVOO

Frozen Fruit & Vegetables

We stock a range of Chips, Potato Products, Vegetables and Berries from Australia’s favourite brands including McCain and Edgel.

Enquire today to find out more about these products.


Broad Beans
Chips – Potato | McCain | Edgell
Chips – Sweet Potato | McCain
Hash Browns
Mango Puree
Mixed Berries
Onion Rings
Passionfruit Pulp
Peas – Baby

Frozen Goods

Our holding freezer stores up to 380 pallets and is something that we at Clamms are very proud of. We have a seriously impressive range of premium frozen goods, only procuring from the best Australian and International suppliers, to ensure that we have produce for our customers all year round.

We stock a range of frozen Seafood, H&G, filleted and portion controlled, in addition to a wide range of value added products and specialty goods.

Frozen Fish

Fillets – Baby Barramundi
Fillets – Barramundi
Fillets – Basa
Fillets – Blue Cod
Fillets – Blue Whiting
Fillets – Cod – Salted Baccala
Fillets – Dory – Smooth
Fillets – Flake
Fillets – Flathead
Fillets – Garfish
Fillets – Glacier 51 Toothfish
Fillets – Groper
Fillets – Gummy
Fillets – Hake
Fillets – John Dory
Fillets – King George Whiting
Fillets – Ling
Fillets – Sardines
Fillets – School Shark
Loin – Tuna Yellow Fin Saku Block
Portions – Barramundi
Portions – Blue Eye
Portions – Cod Atlantic
Portions – Goldband Snapper
Portions – Salmon – Atlantic
Portions – Salmon Norwegian
Portions – Snapper Goldband
Portions – Trout Ocean
Portions – Tuna
Whole – Black Cod H & G
Whole – Flounders
Whole – Sardines
Whole – Toothfish H & G
Whole – Whitebait – Aus
Whole – Whitebait – China
Whole – Whitebait – NZ

Value Added Seafood

Blue Highlighter
Blue Line Seafood Stocks
Calamari – Crumbed Arrow
Crispy Battered Hoki
Dim Sims
Dim Sims – Large
Dim Sims – Mini
Dusted – Flounder Fillets
Eel – Unagi
Fillets – Cod NZ Lightly Battered
Fillets – Crunchy Battered Whiting
Fillets – Flake Battered
Fillets – Flake Beer Battered
Fish – Crispy Bites
Flathead – Beer Battered
Flathead – beer Battered
Gyoza – Prawn / Vegetable
Marinara Mix
Panko Crumbed Flathead
Panko Crumbed Prawns
Pineapple Cut Squid Strips
Potato Cakes
Prawn – Skewers
Prawn – Twisters
Prawn Cones
Prawn Cutlet Rolls
Prawn Cutlets – Crumbed
Prawn Purses with Chilli
Prawns – School Crunchy Battered
Salt & Pepper Squid
Samosas – Cocktail
Scallops – Crumbed
Seafood Baskets
Seaweed – Wakame
Seaweed Salad
Spring Rolls – Cocktail
Squid Ink
Squid Rings – Arrow Dusted
Squid Rings – Crumbed
Squid Rings – Crumbed
Squid Rings – Panko
Squid Tubes – Pineapple Cut
Steamed Garlic Prawn Skewers
Tempura Onion Rings
Tempura Prawns
Tempura Scallops

Dry Goods

Check out our range of dry goods, including premium oils, oyster knives and more.


Cinnamon Sticks – Premium Sri Lankan
Oil – Blended Vegetable
Oil – Canola
Oil – Cottonseed
Oil – Prawn – Seaweedery
Oil – Tuscan Blend
Sabatier Oyster Knife
Scallop Shells
Sushi Wrapping Paper
Vanilla Beans – A Grade Premium Sri Lanka
Vinegar – Seaweed – Seaweedery

To find out the most recent availability and prices on any of our products, fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

For a behind-the-scenes look on what’s fresh in stock, @clammsseafood on Instagram is the place to be!

In the words of @thefishgirl “about last night (yesterday)” what a cracking event! Great to see all the fishers and producers, chefs and wholesalers all together in the one space! Big shout out to @melbourne_fish_market for providing the space and @embercatering for the spread! Too many producers to name them all, Umar a little help on the share here! Great event! Can’t wait for the next one!! ✊👏🙌 ...

The @kinkawookaglobal are back whilst our local supply have a little spawn and lose some condition. These are so so good right now! ...

Australian scallops, especially those from Tasmania, are prized by seafood enthusiasts and chefs alike for their sweet, delicate flavor and tender texture. These Wild Legend Tasmanian 1/2 shell scallops are a sought-after delicacy in high-end restaurants and are also popular among home cooks who enjoy preparing gourmet dishes. They are often enjoyed by those who appreciate premium, sustainable seafood, and are ideal for a variety of culinary applications, including grilling, baking, and searing.

Chefs and food lovers who prioritize quality and natural ingredients will be particularly interested in these all-natural, wild-caught scallops from Clamms.

So good, gotta do another post! @tasmanianoysterco @jonsreserve ...

@jonsreserve by @tasmanianoysterco ...

A wonderful lunch @hotelsorrento_ supporting @bowelcanceraustralia
With food by these legends! @gcalombaris @garymehigan @kirstentibballs @mattscravat @chefcandyb

Check out the Toro!! ...

Them Nannygai feels. ...

The start of our south coast experience with @australiasoystercoast @appellationoysters @naroomaoysterfest 🙌🙌🙌 ...

Dinner last night.. thanks @saintpeterpaddo and @australiasoystercoast for this experience. ...

Grabbed @rattananikom swordfish for this shot! Incredible! ...

Last service @izakayaden_ thank you @dentoniden @jarrod.diblasi @paulmartini23 massive love to you all!! Super stars of the industry!! ❤️❤️❤️ ...

Folks! We are now hitting peak time for tuna, great and small. Over the coming months we will be working closely with our north and south coast tuna fishermen to provide a consistent grade for the season! Get ready, make room on the menu!! ...

On special! Today and Saturday only!! ...

Get around the flat fish train! 🚂 ...

Welcome back @marine_culture_oysters #Royalmiyagi ...

Stella line up by @genghiskhanh @brent_savage @kingclarence_sydney 🙌🙌 ...

What a day and what an honour and privilege to be part of @sydneyroyal_eastershow @ras_nsw 31 entries, multiple estuaries and so many top class oysters. Can’t wait for next year! ...

Sponsors Lunch @sscbc
Another spectacular event at the club, a big thank you to the sponsors and the Sorrento Sailing team 🙌🐟

What an epic Oyster Festival @elwoodbathers put on tonight! So successful we had to send for a special delivery at 7pm for more oysters! A special thanks to the team @tasmanianoysterco who supported this from day one and came through with the goods!
Mark this one in your calendar for next year, we have a feeling it’s going to be even more EPIC!!
Well done to Joel, Zach and the team! 🙌🙌🙌
@australiasoystercoast @appellationoysters @angelorganicoysters @leeuwincoast ❤️❤️

A meal for the ages, 20 years apart. What honour to be dining with Melbourne’s Captains of Industry. Thanks to @rabih.yanni and the team @botanicalhotel for hosting such a memorable evening. To the legends @by_paulwilson & @samhops90 with their team for executing a brilliantly timeless dinner! @melbfoodandwine highlight for sure! ...

The Great Australian Fish Tale - a sensational lunch promoting local Seafood and the entire supply chain, from ocean and farm, to plate.
@taxikitchenmelbourne @chef_twitch @sam_forte @melbfoodandwine @fishtalesau

Line caught, handled with the upmost respect. Available everyday (weather permitting) @soueast_seafoods ...

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