We’ll part the seas
to get you what you need

Our commitment to quality, consistency and customer service is second-to-none. And we’ve been living that commitment every day.

These days, that dedication looks something like this:

Before sunrise every morning, we’re up and at it to select the best produce on offer at the Melbourne Seafood Centre. This is home to our market stall which gives us access to buy

and sell the best wild caught fish direct from local fishermen before the market opens.

In other words, we get first access to the daily market catch.


Back in our state-of-the-art processing facility in Yarraville, our expertly-trained staff are arriving at midnight to get their day started. Shucking and grading oysters. Scaling and gutting. Filleting and pin-boning. Carefully packing and labelling.

This means that we are here to take your order and hand-fillet your fish. And between our fleet of 30+ temperature controlled vans, we’ll have it in your kitchen’s walk in fridge in time for lunch service.

CLAMMS: the top choice





Want to talk?

We’re always happy to help our customers however we can.

So if you need to discuss menu items, if you want more information on your catch, or need to update your order – there’s always someone available to answer your questions or move mountains to make things happen.

Our sales and back office staff – who are all ex-chefs – are extensively trained when they join the Clamms family.
This includes six-weeks of shadowing staff through every area of the business – from early starts at the markets, through to packing fish, shadowing our operations managers, and even loading vans
and riding shotgun for deliveries.

We take the time and effort to develop their knowledge of our fish and our business so that it doesn’t matter whether you’re talking with us over the phone to fast-track a hard-to-source product, or
meeting us face to face at your restaurant to discuss menus. We’ll always be able to share Clamms’ decades of knowledge and expertise.

When you call with a pressing matter, you prefer to speak to someone who’ll part seas to make things happen for you.

Partnership + family

You want a vendor that’s big enough to ensure you get the best possible product and that it’s available, but who treats you the same no matter how big or small your business is.

 You need the level of honesty, consistency and commitment that allows you to continue serving happy customers every seating, every meal, every day.



Along with serving our local customers, Clamms also has the capability to export quality Australian seafood right across Southeast Asia through our export brand, Yabby Blue.

If you’re an agency looking to import the best Australia has to offer in oysters, fresh whole fish, or frozen produce, please contact us.


When visitors come through our processing and distribution hub, we often hear them marvel at just how incredible our facilities are.

But it’s no surprise to us.

We meet all the quality assurance and accreditation that’s needed for us to service leading retailers and hospitality venues with consistent supplies of quality fish, handled with expert care and delivered in state-of-the-art temperature controlled delivery vehicles.

Cert of registration of export
Fish receiving permit
Ethical trading policy
Responsible sourcing and seafood welfare policy

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