See the life of a fishmonger first hand

Our factory tours give you a front-row seat into all the action and moving parts of a business that’s grown from a two-man band into the company we are today.

Free factory tours are available every day, and we’re happy to accommodate up to 10 people per group. You’re welcome to book your visit months in advance or right up to the day before.

Once you arrive, you’ll kit up in food-safe boots and jackets provided by us before spending about an hour walking through from start to finish. (Tours not available during Christmas or Easter periods).

Jump the queue

Jump the queue

Please note that factory tours are currently unavailable due to the Covid-19 situation in Victoria. As we are a high-risk Seafood Processing Facility, our industry is still heavily restricted.

We welcome you to tour our Yarraville processing and distribution facility anytime before 3pm, but we’ve also got an earlier tour option on offer that’s well worth your while.

If the idea of being up to see the sunrise after your visit sounds pretty good, we’d love to show you our stall at the fish market (Melbourne Seafood Centre).

We’re one of only 12 stall owners at this central seafood hub which means that while other wholesalers are lining up for the 4:30am open time, we’re already in there buying and selling the choicest catch from Port Phillip Bay, greater Victoria and around Australia from the stroke of midnight (not that you have to get up quite that early!).

This means that once we drive you past the line of trucks waiting to get in, you’ll get access to where our wild-caught fish is bought from.

It’s the perfect opportunity to see first-hand how George picks the best catch from our own trusted fisherman and other market stalls before hundreds of buyers start walking the market floor.

We’d love to show you around. Call or email to book your free tour.

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