Yet another tough week thanks to strong winds throughout many fishing zones around Australia and New Zealand.

  • Fresh cooked Fraser Island Spanner Crab meat, Goolwa Pippies and Diamond shells have had their usual delivery days pushed back thanks to some strong winds.  The crab meat and clams are still in stock but we are a little low, all three products will arrive on Friday morning.
  • The Clarence River fresh prawn season has finished for the next two to three months, weíll keep you posted when they are back on.
  • Both John Dory and Blue Eye are going to be quite scarce all week, fortunately Hapuka and Trumpeter will be available in good volume from Thursday morning.
  • As mentioned in previous reports Tasmanian Ocean Trout has increased in price this week due to continued unsustainable demand, fingers crossed this is the last one.

Good this week

  • Victorian King George Whiting continues its amazing run this Winter.  We are getting excellent large fish from the bay and around Welshpool almost daily, jump on a bargain premium fish while you can.
  • Live hand dived Victorian scallops from Port Phillip Bay are arriving this afternoon and again later in the week, it really is hard to go past the quality of these beauties.
  • The divers for OZIUNI urchin roe have done a few scouting missions in the bay to gauge the quality of the beautifully sweet Victorian urchin and the results are promising.  Ryan from Atssu divers tells us that they expect the first batch of fresh roe ready for sale by late next week.
  • Both Trumpeter and NZ Ling are on the BULK BUYS this week although the Trumpeter isnít available until Thursday morning.
  • We have been very luck to continue sourcing amazing products like these (pictured) line caught Japanese Gurnard and stunning baby Calamari.  To get little surprises likes this through the rough conditions has been a blessing. 
Oyster news
  • Woolooware Rock oysters (pictured) arrived this morning and are looking and tasting amazing.  These oysters are grown in small basket and trays by only two farmers in Woolooware bay.  Before being harvested they are transferred to the pristine waters of Quibray Bay just outside of Botany Bay were they are purged of any silt accumulated in Woolooware.  
  • Woody island Pacificís from Tasmania are available Wednesday morning.  Farmed in a traditional French style and smartly packaged in wooden baskets.
  • Pambula single seed Rocks are back on Thursday, canít wait for these delicious native oysters. 
Farmed using traditional artisan French techniques in Tasmania's pristine Southern waters. Gorgeously creamy, plump and sweet flavoured these award winning oysters come in their own wooden baskets of two dozen, fresh from the edge of the world.

Amazing local fish this morning coming out of Port Arlington as well as these Red Mullet we've had some Garfish, Calamari and Rock Flathead all Victorian all just a few hours out of the water.
Line caught off the Eastern coast of Tasmania by the 4seas crew. While Bluefin can be a controversial species the Australian fishery has amongst the strictest standards and lowest quotas in the world with every fish caught being tagged and recorded for auditing by fisheries.
Oh my... Amazing baby Calamari from NSW in this morning, small enough to cook as is, delicious.

Out of NSW, been a while since we've seen these tasty little fishys.

New season Pithari olive oil from the beautiful Kalamata region, available from Clamms Seafood.



Awesome to have these guys visit the factory this morning checking out the local seafood! Pier Koffmann, Derek Dammann & Paul Cunningham. You can still catch Derek and Paul at the Melbourne