Market Report


Cone Bay Barramundi is back! After a short break the tasty sea caged Cone Bay Barramundi which is farmed off the northern coast of West Australia is back in stock now. Monkfish and Ling fillets are on the Bulk Buy's this week thanks to huge catches of Ling over the weekend there is plenty about and really well priced. Tasmanian scallop season is in full effect with beautiful large examples being harvested a number of times a week which should continue right through to November, Clamms is running a special this week on fresh half shell scallops if you'd like to try some! We are still early into the black mussel season so local product is thinner shelled than you may be used to. A thinner shell will impact the mussels ability to survive out of water so a small reduction in shelf life can be expected, a thinner shell also means shorter cooking times are required as heat will penetrate the shell at a quicker rate, with this in mind the mussel meat condition is quite good with a slightly sweeter flavour than what we'll get later in the season. Still no good news from Spring Bay Mussels in Tasmania with algae levels remaining too high to harvest the positive to take from this is that the mussels LOVE! algae and will be fat and plump when they are finally back in stock. We have been pedalling some beautiful fresh Victorian Sea Urchin roe over the last few weeks and will continue to until around November when the season finishes but unfortunately this week's delivery has been cancelled because of damage to the processing plant from last week's storm's in NSW. Oziuni has assured Clamms that they will be processing again by Monday next week. Finally Blue Grenadier catches are starting to drop off in volume which is a good indicator that the season is coming to a close, supply will remain good although the pricing will come up a little.


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