Market Report


Not a bad mix of New Zealand, South Australian and Victorian fish in through Clamms today, check out the attached Lakes Entrance Flathead, NZ Snappers and Gurnard as well as Port Phillip Urchin roe. Speaking of Urchin Roe the pictured product is from OziUni and is the best we've seen here at Clamms and the season runs right through November with our next batch landing Wednesday morning. Spring Bay mussels are still reporting readings of algae and will continue to be unavailable for at least another fortnight. West Australian Marron are now in their spawning season and have become incredibly scarce with hints from the growers that a closure is imminent, Marron supply tends to improve after November with the warmer weather encouraging faster growth and more food in their environment. Our first delivery of Cone Bay Barramundi will arrive here on the first of September we are just a little bit excited to have this beautiful saltwater Barramundi back in house. Be sure to check out the Bulk Buys this week which has some great frozen specials as well as fresh Ling and Trevally available.

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