Market Report


Both Flathead and Calamari are really tight at the start of week, no catches over the weekend because of the strong winds mean it's a battle to get anything! With the sun out and the wind quite mild there are a lot of local and South Australian boats targeting Flatty and Calamari right now. Clamms is seeing good amounts of Victorian and Tasmanian live scallops. We have had a very good local scallop season this year after a few poor ones recently. Clamms expects the next delivery of live scallops on Thursday, sold in the full shell by the kilogram expect to be getting around 7 scallops to the kilogram or nearly twice the size of last season! Hapuka and Bass Groper quality is very good with a surprise treat (pictured) of smaller brain spiked Hapuka also available. We are seeing some good catches of Garfish from Welshpool and Corner Inlet as well as from Tasmania. Snapper is still a bit scarce but with the water temperature increasing a little bit we should start to see good volume come out of South Australia.


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