Market Report


The bloody weather remains a sticking point which is crippling supply of species like Flathead and large Snapper in Australia's southern fishery, Snapper is so scarce at the market it's being hunted down like a Red Tulip chocolate bunny on Easter morning! Mahi-Mahi, Trumpeter and large Turbot will be available on Wednesday and you can expect to pay low $20's for fillets of Trumpeter and Mahi and low teens for whole Turbot. The Victorian/ Tasmanian scallop season has kicked off and we are currently stocking fresh Tassie meat with the roe on, although not a large scallop this species is beautifully sweet with a tasty roe. Native Angassi oysters farmed in Coffin Bay S.A are in peak condition for the next few months and these oysters are all of a uniform size and shape with a smooth shell unlike the wild harvested Angassi of a few years ago. The Coffin Bay Angassi is farmed by Pristine oysters and is very much a passion project for the grower with little commercial benefit so please get behind this beautiful if a little expensive oyster. Westmore's over in W.A has informed us of a closure on Cone Bay Barramundi for a four week period beginning on the 27th of July, farmed Silver Barramundi will be available throughout this closure. As well as the above mentioned Mahi-Mahi and Trumpeter this week's Bulk Buys include Ling fillets and Blue Grenadier which are all great value this week.


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