Market Report


This week's arctic weather front is going to hamper local catches of Flathead, Calamari, Snapper and some specialty lines although for the time being Garfish and King George Whiting are in good supply. Big movers price wise this week are Flounder, Snapper and Flathead in particular. Some softening on Blue eye and Hapuka from NZ and what looks like a short run on O'Roughie as well as large Sea Bream and Gurnard ensure there are still bargains to be had. Hapuka and the pictured large Sea Bream will be around for most of the week and are the best value larger fish this week. Also pictured is a new line of Victorian harvested seaweed, early days on these products but we will be sure to keep you posted on prices and more information as it becomes available.

Short and sweet this week let's hope this run of weather turns around soon!

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