Market Report


This report is going to feel a little strange, it's mostly good news! There has been a nice run of weather over the weekend which looks like it will continue this week, good weather usually means good catches and we are expecting (hoping) to see Rock Flathead, Calamari, King George Whiting, Garfish and Red Mullet all through this week. The start of July signals the start of Blue Grenadiers run so prices will stay quite low if not come down further, the Grenadier run lasts between 6 and 10 weeks. Vongali! Where is all the Vongali? July 1st brings with it the start of the 2015 Vongali quota in South Australia so hopefully next week we'll see a return to consistent supply. The alpine regions of NZ have had some huge snow falls (pictured) over the last week causing many a headache for supply of Saikou Salmon! Never fear thanks to a valiant effort from the lads in NZ we still managed to get our order of Saikou this week. Orange Roughie season comes to a close this week so we are giving it a last hurrah on the BULK BUYS along with Cobia and Blue Grenadier. Finally just a reminder that the price of Premium Canadian scallops has a solid increase from tomorrow's orders, both Spring Bay and local mussels have had a small price rise and Yarra Valley Salmon Caviar in the 300g jars is now back in stock, this size jar is a substantial saving over the 100g jar if you can use the extra volume.


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