Market Report


Hello to all,
It’s a great time of year for fish with plenty of variety and good catches of local inshore species as the water cools down.

Wild Barramundi

The season is in full swing with great quality fish coming out of NT and Qld. This will continue through to October when the season closes again.

Farmed Barramundi (Cone bay W.A)

A great sustainable ocean farmed fish. Nice texture and clean flavour due to the large tides and pristine waters of northern Western Australia. Try it today!


Large SA snapper has been in good supply and we should get a nice run out of Lakes Entrance in the next few weeks. As usual, baby Snapper (400-800 gm) are consistently available.


Local Port Phillip Bay and Tassie Spring Bay mussels are in great condition this time of year and new season SA ‘Petit Bouchon’ Kinkawooka mussels have just started. These are very small, sweet and different to standard mussels.

School Prawns

Occasional fresh load arriving from Clarence River NSW and good quality frozen stock is always available.


Fremantle Octopus has been in short supply due to a lack of operating boats and poor catches, but the fishery has bounced back and stock is now available. There has been a slight price increase to make it more attractive for the fisherman.

Crystal bay prawns

Supply of fresh Sashimi Crystal bay prawns has been limited due to flood damage at the farm but stocks have recovered enough to justify a weekly harvest arriving every Tuesday/Wednesday. Hopefully a 2nd harvest will start soon. Frozen export grade stock is still available.

Vongali and Pippies

Limited amount of Vongali arriving Tuesdays and Thursdays. The SA Fisheries Department continues to reduce quota so the shortage is likely to continue. Pippies are inconsistent. We suggest trying plump, sweet NZ Diamond shell clams and Storm clams as an alternative.


Price continues to rise as the farm tries to slow demand so the fish can grow to a larger size. Doesn’t seem to be working!

Tassie Salmon, Ocean trout and NZ King Salmon

Back to the time of the year when the farms raise their prices to slow demand for their off season fish. Hopefully this won’t be as bad as last year. The fish are smaller and the flesh is generally paler during this period.

Tuna and Swordfish

Sensational Sashimi grade Swordfish coming out of Mooloolaba from our great friend Brett and his crew. This time of year they predominately catch Big Eye Tuna (rather than Yellow Fin Tuna) which has slightly paler flesh along the base of the loin (outer layer of the fish) due to it’s higher fat content. This type of fish actually fetches a better price in Japan because the fat level makes for better eating.


Whole WA Rottnest Island Scallops are truly Amazing! Simply the best Scallop we’ve seen in Australia. Arriving once or twice a week depending on weather conditions. Tassie season should open late June/early July and we hope it’s not a disaster like last year.    

Calamari & Cuttlefish

Cooler water temperature makes it easier to catch these guys in good quantities. Price has come down as SA, Vic and Tassie are all getting some action.
Southern rock lobster, Marrons and Yabbies
Southern Rock Lobster’s are in the off season so price is high. WA Marrons are consistently available (please pre order) and are a good steady crustacean option for menus. Yabbies should start to disappear as they burrow deeper when it gets colder.

Blue eye & Hapuka

Both are great winter fish and will be consistently available unless bad weather prevents the boats from fishing.

Flathead and Mowong (sea bream)

The fish are there and ready to be caught so…
Good weather = good price.
Blue Grenadier
We’ll soon be in peak season which will run for about 6 weeks. They’ll be good value as the big loads start coming in.


Blue swimmer crabs from SA have been good but remember they never arrive on Mondays. Only a few Sand crabs are coming in every now and then. Fresh cooked black label Qld Spanner crab meat available every week. Mud crabs from Qld are in season and arriving a couple times a week. Live spanner crabs are available if the weather conditions are right.


Back to normal! Different area’s coming in every day.

Garfish and Whiting
Good time of year for these local fish so if the wind stays away we’ll see good supply.

Flounders (Sand and Yellowbelly)
In reasonable supply, another great whole fish option.


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