Market Report


A front of poor weather has come over New Zealand and appears to be heading for the eastern states of Australia, this will no doubt have a negative effect on availability this week. Local catches of Calamari, King George Whiting and Garfish have already slowed and a change in ocean currents south of South Australia will impact large Snapper volumes. Orange Roughie season is in full swing and this delicate deep sea fish is joined on this week's Bulk Buys by the versatile and delicious Cobia from north Queensland. Fresh sashimi grade Crystal Bay prawns are back! The first delivery arrived today a good fortnight ahead of schedule. All local mussels will increase in price this month in the vicinity of a dollar per kilogram this is simply due to ever increasing operating costs. Another reminder that the price of Premium Canadian scallops is also increasing from the first of July. That's it for this week, don't forget to follow us on Twitter and Instagram @clammsseafood


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