Market Report


Wow, wow, wow!!! It was like Christmas morning at the fish market today thanks to the local fishermen who had a great night on the bay. Clamms Seafood has some amazing King George Whiting, John Dory, Garfish, Rock Flathead, Flounder, Whitebait, Sardines and Calamari currently (9am) in stock and all about as provincial as you can get without fishing out of your own kitchen!

Take advantage of this morning's bounty because we may be a little tight on later in the week. The lads who supply Clamms with Giant Grouper have handed us some hot pricing to run a promotion this week and we are hoping $21.99kg will encourage a few more of you to try this delicious native! Blue eye, Bass Groper, Hapuka, John Dory and the like are very thin on the ground and there isn't any news on the next delivery from New Zealand although the weather over the ditch looks to be on the improve, but it will take a few days for that to turn into stock on hand. Thanks for reading see what else is up by following @clammsseafood on Instagram or Twitter and don't be scared to tag us in on what your cooking!


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