Market Report


This year the lead up to Mother's day is going to be a little challenging with the weather we're copping locally and in New Zealand. Clamms has a few silver lined clouds carrying good news arranged for our customers such as; Salmon fillets being great value and on the BULK BUYS, a guaranteed supply of Blue eye from Wednesday and Hapuka from Friday morning, strong Flathead catches over the weekend continuing to keep prices really affordable and the quality superb! Blue grenadier, Swordfish, Gummy shark, King George whiting and Ling have all made moderate to good reductions in price over the weekend. The supply of Snapper in particular large fish will become more difficult as the week progresses we are currently carrying good volume but it just won't last. Last night's strong winds made it impossible for the local farmers to get out on the water and harvest and with more strong winds predicted mussel supply is looking questionable at the moment. As mentioned earlier Mother's day is upon us so to help minimise delays and supply short falls please order as much in advance as possible and have some flexibility on wild caught fish varieties for your menus. Farmed species as always are the safest bet when it comes to committing to menus.


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