Market Report


Farmed Kingfish

Cleanseas aquaculture have cut all local kingfish allocations down due to a combination of slow growth rates and high export demand. Their answer to domestic demand has been to increase the price to match export returns; in return allocations will be raised. Please take note of the price rise as you may need to change to another variety of fish.

Cone Bay Barramundi

We are getting great feedback from people using the Cone Bay Barramundi. This Barramundi is grown in sea cages where there is strong tidal movement so the fish are constantly on the move. This gives them a good clean saltwater flavour and the fish seem to have just the right natural fat content.


Kinkawooka mussels took out the delicious produce award for from the sea 2011 for their petite bouchot  mussels. These mussels are their new season small mussels that are harvested before their spawning cycle, unfortunately they are only available until mid September.

Sea bounty mussels grown in the pinnace channel in Port Phillip Bay are a fantastic mussel, the strong current in the middle of the bay results in a much cleaner shell due to less of the natural binding fiber (i.e. beard) building up on the outer shell. These mussels are also certified as fully organic and of course totally sustainable.

Spring bay mussels from Tasmania are still the consistent mussel they have always been and are a nice large size at present.


Fishermen have had a hard start to the season with several areas they have tried returning only average scallops. They are starting a new area this week which has shown good scallops in survey catches so Tassie half shell should resume the beginning of August.

Tuna, Swordfish and Marlin

Coming into good catching times for these species off the Queensland coast with Yellowfin tuna and swordfish being the main catch.


Southern Rock lobster- prices are reaching their highs now with fisherman running short of quota and continued strong export demand. A good time of year to avoid if possible.
Marrons-good steady supply all year round from WA sizes from 130gm to 350gm are available.
Yabbies- best supply we have had for years with all the rain, they should make it through winter without disruption.


Best time of the year for oysters is now, with cooler waters all oysters are nice and fat.
Demand for oysters is strong and with a poor spat season last year there will be pressure on the stocks available but all our farmers are confident they will have continual supply for us.

Wild Barramundi

Season will continue until the end of September with good quantities coming in every week.

Blue eye & Hapuku

Supply has been interrupted by the weather and also the Tuna and Swordfish season in New Zealand. Most of their quota has nearly been caught so boats will slowly start changing back to fishing for Blue eye and Hapuku.

Calamari and Octopus

Calamari catches have remained low for this time of year and market prices have remained high.
Fremantle octopus is a great product with no problem for supply.
South Australian octopus is also available.

Snapper and John dory

Reasonable catches coming in for this time of year which is normally their quiet catching time.

King George whiting

The winter run has started but weather conditions have not been kind. Prices will vary while unsettled weather is around but will be cheaper when good weather permits the fishermen to get out and catch.

Diamond shell clams

New Zealand diamond shell clam are proving to be a hit with everyone that is using them. A great size clam with good meat content, a real winner.

Rock flathead and Tiger flathead

Tigers are a good consistent fish and always available, rocks are a little more affected by weather. Price of both has been fluctuating depending on the weather conditions.


No sand crabs at the moment but there is steady supply of blue swimmers coming in.
Mud crabs are available on request and spanner crabs subject to catch.


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