Market Report


The weather has been very poor in northern New Zealand, these are the same conditions which have devastated Vanuatu although thankfully having lost some power by the time they got down south. Such strong winds and nasty swells make fishing impossible meaning seafood volumes coming out of NZ will be severely reduced until conditions settle. As mentioned in previous reports we have had a horrible start to the Australian prawn fishing season with catches way down on recent years, sizes or grading's which are particularly hard to come by are U/10, U/8 and U/6 prawns. Being so early in the prawn season Clamms does expect catches to improve.

We are starting to get beautiful live Bugs from Lakes Entrance a few times a week. These tasty palm sized bugs should continue for the next month or so but supply will continue to be sporadic, a great specials board item! We are regularly getting a number of special little varieties of local and Tasmanian product like Sardines, Tommy Rough's and live Urchins although these are more a surprise in the morning than a steady thing so give us a call early if your after something a bit different. We have some XL Clarence River prawns coming on Thursday but volume is limited so secure your orders early.

There have been really good catches of quality Tuna from Mooloolaba of late, with the whole fleet currently out chasing down more Yellowfin, Broadbill and Albacore Clamms expects this great run to continue.


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