Market Report


Last week's cyclone in Queensland has understandably interrupted supply of Tuna, Swordfish and Rudderfish meaning there will likely be shortages until late this week. Fresh cooked Fraser Island Spanner meat will be back in stock on Wednesday afternoon. There have been some good catches of Blue Eye, Hapuka and John Dory in New Zealand meaning prices have come down a little and Hapuka is available for Bulk Buy this week. Trumpeter will arrive by Thursday and we're told size and quality are quite good. Local fish continue to be regularly available at the market (see the KGW attached) supply will only improve into autumn. The Australian dollar has been weak for a while and we are starting to see this effect prices on imported goods, it's not an international price rise just a reflection of the strength or lack of the Aussie. So far Premium Canadian scallops, Pineapple cut squid and Tropical cray tails are the only products to increase in price but we expect more to follow.


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