Market Report


The weather is good but the market remains slow. Flathead has pretty much vanished this week and prices reflect that fact, although Flathead usually returns just as quickly as it disappears so fingers crossed for better catches later in the week.

Yarra Valley Caviar's popularity seems to be its own worst enemy with stocks dwindling and another unexpected price increase to help slow sales until the next harvest in June, be aware that we only get the one Caviar delivery a week so please order early if you have it on Valentine's menu's. Speaking of Valentine's Day it never hurts to show your seafood supplier some love by ordering a day ahead of when you normally would as sell outs of popular lines are not unusual. More of the tasty little Goolwa Pippies are arriving on Wednesday, Hapuka remains on the BULK BUYS this week and we had a good mixed bag of species that we haven't seen in a little while like; Slimy Mackerel, Tommy Rough (both pictured), Duck fish, Bonito and a few Turbot as well.

Snapper catches in S.A have been good over the weekend and look to continue that trend throughout the week, prices have remained strong but they should soften towards the end of the week. North Queensland Cobia's sizing is a lot smaller than average at the moment so Clamms recommends you order by the kilogram as opposed to by the fillet this will help ensure you get what you need the first time around.

As mentioned last week Wild Barramundi season is just around the corner with some early catches at the market this morning, the price is quite high but the quality is not yet what you'd expect from this beautiful fish. Clamms will keep you informed as soon as reasonably priced and good quality Wild Barra becomes available.


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