Market Report


The weather in our corner of the country seems to be quite calm at the moment and we're starting to get the feeling that autumn may get an early start this year, as bad as that is for your tan it is good news for fishing in the southern states. Deep sea species from New Zealand have landed at really competitive prices this morning (see bulk buys) and locally caught delights are starting to make an appearance at the Melbourne market. Rock Flathead, Tommy Rough, Garfish, School whiting and Leather jackets were all a surprise treat this morning but still no sardines! Spanish Mackerel should start to become available toward the end of February and then Wild Barramundi season kicks off around March/ April.

The traditional Pacific oyster farm regions in S.A and Tasmania have all come through their spawn and are now on track to fatten up and recover condition. We are getting a good volume of triploid oysters as well as Rock oysters (on the BULK BUYS) which are native to Australia and won't spawn until Autumn. Clamms has managed to source a grower in NSW who is doing something a little different in that he is farming Pacific oysters in Crook Haven! These are a real treat geographically and I can tell you from sucking a few back for breakfast that they will not disappoint in the flavour stakes. These tasty NSW Pacific's are quite reasonably priced but are a little larger than usual the sizes range from Buffet (aka plate), Standard and Large. It is a coincidence that the Rock oysters on the BULK BUYS are also from Crook Haven, it is just the Rock that are available for Bulk Buy.


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