Market Report


Welcome back to a short week! Clamms Seafood hopes you all had a great Australia Day long weekend?

For some reason Kiwi's don't celebrate Australia Day and have instead continued fishing! Fortunately this means we have a good supply of Blue Eye, Hapuka, John Dory (from Wednesday) and Bass Groper with Rockling featuring as our sole Bulk Buy product this week. Leigh Fisheries Chatham Island Blue Cod is rumoured to start coming in far more consistently for the next few months but it is important to mention that this exceptional fish is sold as is and by the box only, this ensures you're getting Leigh fish with full traceability back to the vessel and fishermen.

Now unlike Kiwi's Aussies DO celebrate Australia Day (funny that) and although there are few things more Australian than a beer a snag and a day off this assortment of luxuries is not conducive to local fish catches! Today's market was quite poor for local species but with the weather threatening to remain calm Clamms expects to see more options later this week.


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