Market Report


Snapper and Calamari are the only foreseeable problems supply wise this week. A lot of fishermen have come in early ahead of this strong weather front coming from the west. Although we do have plenty to be happy about; Blue Eye, Hapuka, Tuna, Swordfish, Rockling and Blue Grenadier all look to be in great supply and most have come down in price. Thanks to some HUGE catches of Flounder and John Dory prices for these two gems are as low as we can remember! Check out the Bulk Buys for pricing but prepare to be surprised, John Dory and Flounder are truly great value this week, Flathead is very reasonable also. Great news in terms of some returning favourites; I feel like a drum roll may be in order? Fresh and delicious cooked Spanner crab meat from Fraser Island, Sashimi and cooked fresh Crystal Bay prawns and finally Cloudy Bay Diamond Clams have all made a triumphant return to our cool room in the last few days! Smaller fish caught by day boats locally are starting to come through although the variety is a little limited, as pictured above we are seeing a little bit of Red Mullet and Sardines and more consistent volumes of King George Whiting and Garfish.

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