Market Report


Rockling and Calamari (pictured) are both being caught in great volumes very regularly even this late into the season, we normally would have expected Rockling to be quite difficult to get by now.

To celebrate the awesome and unexpected run of Ling check out the Clamms Seafood Bulk Buys and pick up a great deal, while the Bulk Buys have your attention how about trying a beautiful native fish like Murray Cod (pictured) which we are promoting this week, priced as whole fish but we'll happily fillet them for your convenience.

The Spanner crab fishery in Queensland closes this Thursday and won't reopen until the end of December, not that we'll expect to see any on the market until the middle of January at the earliest. This closure will only really impact the fresh Spanner meat and live crab, Clamms has a fortnight's (21 day shelf life) worth of fresh cooked stock coming in this Friday to help ease us into the closure.

Both raw and cooked frozen crab meat will be available all the way through summer as well as a few other frozen types of crab meat.

Southern rock lobster or Crayfish new season opens this weekend and we expect a small decrease in price initially followed by a more substantial reduction leading into Christmas. Snapper will continue to be very available and extremely affordable for some time and check out the quality of these locally long line caught fish.

Finally a little reminder that pacific oysters (TAS & SA) tend to go from delicious to spawning very quickly, no signs of this yet but a couple of warm days in a row around the leases will see them go to spawn. As always our native Rock oysters will be available through summer as they do not spawn until Autumn though the Rocks are smaller, more expensive and less plentiful than pacific varieties.


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