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Hello to all

After a long hard winter the good weather has finally come and we’re gearing up for the silly season. The strong early spring winds should be behind us now so hopefully we’ll see some nice calm weather which will result in more consistent supply of local fish. Good luck and happy punting this spring!

Local Fish

From Port Franklin to Port Welshpool we’ve been getting a good supply of Rock Flathead, King George Whiting and Calamari. Garfish from Flinders Island have been incredibly consistent and reasonably priced so far this spring and this should continue. Fishing out of Lakes Entrance becomes a lot easier when the winds drop off so we should see good supply of Flathead although price has been fluctuating quite a bit from one week to the next. The supply of small local fish such as Bay Trout, Leather Jackets, Sand Whiting and Tommy Roughs will improve as we start to see more of the still warm nights. These are also ideal fishing conditions for Calamari.


The S.A season started early this year with very good catches in Sept and Oct and supply will only get better as the fish migrate along the Vic coast and come into Port Phillip Bay in late Nov when the water temp increases. Price has been very good and should stay consistent for the rest of the year. Also good supply of line caught Baby Snapper from the Bay of Islands on the North East coast of N.Z.

Qld and the Tropics

Unseasonable heavy rain and winds all along the coast from southern Qld to Port Douglas have interrupted supply of Red Emperor, Coral Trout and other reef fish. Wild Barra season is over but good supply of sea cage farmed Barra average size 3-3.5kg. Fantastic live Spanner Crabs from Bundaberg have been consistently arriving at least twice a week and this will continue until the 20th Nov when the fishery has a one month closure and reopens on the 20th Dec. Good supply of high quality Tuna and Swordfish from Mooloolaba and these fisherman have also been getting nice Mahi Mahi with their catches.

Yabbies, Red Claw and Marrons

Local Yabbies have started and supply will improve as the weather heats up and the dams become warmer. We’re still bringing in Red Claw from Qld to make up the short supply of yabbies but be aware this species is not as hardy as a yabby and they tend to die very quickly so you need to prep them asap. This is the toughest time of year for W.A Marrons and some sizes are in short supply but this will improve by Dec.

Farmed Fish

N.Z King Salmon is in great condition and good supply.

Tassie Salmon and Ocean Trout have resolved their supply issues and fish size is now averaging 4-5kg. Prices have started to come down as supply improves.

Hiramasa Kingfish from Port Lincoln S.A is a great summer fish although fish size is smaller than previous years and averaging 3-3.5kg.

Suzuki Mulloway from Eyre Peninsula S.A will finish in the next couple of weeks as the farm has experienced massive fish losses. When the large fish run out the average size will only be 1kg.

Murray Cod will be unavailable for a month after next week when the farm undergoes maintenance work.

Baby Barra is currently in very short supply but should be back to normal in 4-6 weeks.

Major Fin Fish

Blue Eye – N.Z new quota season has started so supply should be consistent over the next few months

Hapuku and Bass Groper – Not much coming in from N.Z but good local fish from Portland this week so supply can only improve.

Dory – John Dory should become more consistent as local and N.Z catches get better. King Dory has started and should be available over the next few months.

Silver Dory is available but strong demand has pushed the price up a little.

Cheaper Alternatives

Ling – good catches from both N.Z and local fisheries have kept the price down.

Trevally – Catches have dropped off and price has increased a little but still reasonably cheap.

Blue Grenadier and Sea Bream – Supply is ok but price has moved up from the lows of winter.


Good quality ½ shell Tassie Spring Bay Scallops with roe will be available all summer as will Qld Hervey Bay ½ shells without roe.


Pacific Oysters from both Tassie and S.A are still in good condition. Spawning will depend on how hot the weather is between now and Christmas but hopefully it happens in Jan when the triploids (no sex oyster) will be ready. Best areas at the moment are – Coffin Bay, Smoky Bay, Barilla Bay and Blackman’s Bay.

Kumamoto oysters have finished until next year. N.S.W Rock oysters are gaining condition and will be good throughout the summer.


Vongoli – Quota restrictions in S.A have limited supply but it seems a few rakers have kept quota for the summer so supply should be ok.

Pipi season opens 1st Nov in NSW.

Eden (strawberry) Clams are consistently arriving every week.

Please contact the office or our sales team for any enquiries:

Josh Roydhouse 0425 176 696


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