Market Report


Spring racing is in full effect! With the Melbourne Cup just a day away we thought we might share some market news a little early!

The annual northern migration of Yellow fin Tuna has begun, fish usually caught out of Mooloolaba are now hanging out a few hundred kilometres up the coast. Supply is expected to remain consistent although the price has climbed a good few dollars a kilo due to the extra fuel cost associated with the increased distances the fishing boats need to do. Cobia will start to come in a little larger than usual from next week, the reason for this are the exceptional conditions up in Alva Beach Queensland meaning growth rates have surpassed expectations and caught the farms a little by surprise.

The increased size is just a temporary measure and shouldn't cause us any grief.

Demand for Yarra Valley Caviar continues to put pressure on supply, from this week (excluding current stock) there will no longer be any 300g jars of Salmon roe available, 100g will be the only available size although the lads are going to bottle Trout roe into 300g jars to keep us all going. The Trout roe is almost identical in every way except it's a little bit smaller.

Time for some specials! Our Bulk Buys are loaded with goodness this week, Ocean trout remains but is joined by Tasmanian Salmon and the delicious and sustainably farmed Cone Bay Barramundi. Everyone at Clamms Seafood is pumped for George and Con since hearing their horse Araldo is a starter for the Melbourne Cup tomorrow! Go Araldo!


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