Market Report


Bloody Melbourne weather! Sunny all weekend and thunderstorms on Monday, needless to say this has slowed supply of some lines but catches are set to improve later this week.

Snapper supply will slow down from the 1st of November due to closures by the S.A government, this is an annual interruption to Snapper fishing lasting six weeks. Victorian Snapper will still be available but in much lower volumes. Brett from 4seas, arguably one of the best Tuna fishermen in the country has informed Clamms not to expect any tuna this week!

Apparently his fleets last trip out yielded very little as far as Tuna catches go although Brett is confident of supply returning to normal next week. This tough run of luck doesn't mean Tuna is not available just that the volume and to some extent the quality isn't going to be as good as usual so please keep this in mind when placing orders this week.

John dory and Trumpeter (both pictured) will be in good supply this week making them very safe menu options. Just a reminder that on Friday this week we'll have Baby tua's and Storm clams available as well as the delicious Diamond clams from NZ.


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