Market Report


The only bad news this week is that strong easterly winds last night hampered catches of Rock flathead, King George whiting, Garfish and Calamari although the rest of the week looks great! The aforementioned species will be a little scarce until tomorrow when a good market is expected.

Fresh Tasmanian scallop meat and live Eden clams (both pictured) arrived this morning and look as good as ever, Clamms is expecting another delivery of Eden and Surf clams on Thursday.

There are a few new products to keep an eye out for coming from Cloudy Bay NZ the guys that supply us with the lovely Diamond clam, at the moment Clamms has stock of the baby Tua and as of Friday next week we will also have available stocks of Moon shells and Storm clams. Snapper looks to have finally started running! Good catches began coming in over the weekend from SA and a little Victorian fish coming through as well, expect prices to start to dip into the mid-twenties for fillets and possibly even lower if the catches continue. With the new quota and good weather planets finally aligning over New Zealand expect good supplies of all your favourite species from over the ditch! Think Hapuka, Bass groper, Blue eye, Flounder, Sea bream and Turbot (pictured) among other little kiwi treats here and there, oh and early signs are of softening prices as well.


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