Market Report


You can expect supplies of New Zealand species (Hapuka, Blue Eye, Bass and John Dory) to improve from Thursday this week. Local fish supply will suffer in the short term mainly due to the windy conditions in our southern fishing regions, we don't expect to go completely without local lines like Rock flathead, King George whiting, Garfish, Slimey Mackerel or fresh scallops but more of a disturbance in the force- sorry supply.

On to some updates and new stuff, Yippee!

Raw sand crab meat caught and processed in Port Lincoln South Australia kicked off really well in terms of sales and feedback last week. We have a limited amount available until we restock next week so if you're thinking about trying this great alternative to Spanner crab and Blue Swimmer crab meat please don't delay.

After a long absence over the quite months Clamms is really excited with the news that fresh sashimi grade Crystal Grade Prawns will be back from Wednesday morning this week! We are absolutely stoked to have this great product available before the warmer months. Some restructuring over in the Chatham's mean a small change in specifications to the wonderful Chatham Island Blue Cod, not really a big deal but so everyone's aware that Blue Cod will now be supplied whole (guts in) as opposed to gilled and gutted.

The lads over at Yarra Valley Caviar are up to their old tricks of diversifying the farm, meaning the tasty plate size Brook Trout are now back in house and are a safe menu option right through Christmas so trying this awesome Victorian product should be on your to do list.

Finally we have a special product available from Wednesday this week; Goolwa pippies harvested in Coorong South Australia we've attached some brochures but basically this is a Vacuum packed pippie harvested in Coorong National Park. Ripper!

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