Market Report


Specials feel like a good place to start this week, so check out the Bulk Buys for some great value ideas like Baby Barramundi or Rockling perhaps Ocean Trout is more to your liking? Clamms is also promoting Mooloolaba Tuna Company's beautiful Mojama so be sure to try some of this great artisanal product today.

Bass Groper is stunning at the moment and we are seeing ok volumes, unfortunately Blue Eye and Hapuka are still scarce but thankfully New Zealand's next quota season starts tomorrow and we are expecting good volumes later this week, hopefully they catch some Flounders as we're still not getting any through the local market.

Kangaroo Island queen scallops had a short run recently but we've just been informed by the divers that due to an increase in water temperature the scallops will not be available for at least three weeks, apparently an increase in temperature causes these beaut scallops to dig in under the sand making them quite difficult to find. Great local catches of just about everything has been great to see, we have loads of King George whiting, Garfish, Rock flathead and if you're not using Tommy Rough at the moment you're really missing out.

Last little bit of good news for this week is that the awesome Brook Trouts will be available from Thursday this week, the farm up in Yarra Valley tells us the Brookeys are in great condition and will be available for the next few months.


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