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Squid Products

Squid catches have been very poor worldwide and this has created a shortage of all squid products from Australia, New Zealand, China and the rest of Asia. Price rises have been occurring every month and will continue until we see better catches. Pineapple cut squid supply will not improve until June/July. Australian and New Zealand squid prices have risen by 20% so far and there is no relief in sight until they start to see an increase in catches. Loligo squid tubes from Thailand are the only squid that has not been affected so far. They are a good quality squid, but a bit smaller in size. Let us know if you want to try some.

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Spring Bay Scallops have finished, but Hervey Bay Scallops are in great supply and their size is getting back to their best. All types of imported scallop meat are available. Both roe on and roe off, and prices will improve as new season stock becomes available.

Fresh Oysters

Kumamoto oysters are back in town. These plump small oysters were a great hit last season and supply of kumamoto’s looks good for coming months. Oysters from Tasmania and South Australia are in good condition also. With the cooler weather coming now they will keep improving.

Fresh Wild Barramundi

Good supply coming in. The fish size from 3-6kg each.

Fresh Kingfish & Mulloway

Fish sizes are on the improve with a little more growth to come. Cleanseas have plenty of fish in the water.

Baby Abalone

Give them a try, great tender little abalone. You will be surprised how good they are.

Fresh Vongoli/Pippies

Very limited supply of all vongoli and pippies coming in, most fishermen are now very short on quota and this will affect supply for some time.

Fresh Tuna/Swordfish

Good tuna and swordfish starting to show up a little more consistency now. Nice size fish with good colour.

Fresh Warehou (Trevally)

Warehou is a good winter fish and catches will improve in the cooler months.

Fresh Blue Eye, Hapuku and Ling

Still good volumes coming in and should continue for the next couple of months.

Fresh King George Whiting, Garfish and Rock Flathead

Good catches of these fish from Port Phillip Bay and Port Franklin coming in and should be consistent through the next two months

School Prawns

New stock just arrived from Clarence River, so no problem with supply.

Red Mullet

Not much being caught at the moment.

Fresh Snapper

Not huge volumes coming in, but very good fish still available.

Bass Groper

A little scarce at the moment.


Queensland Kings and Crystal Bays in good supply.

Finger foods

We stock

• Spring rolls
• Samosas
• Gyoza
• Party Pies
• Mini sausage rolls
• Mixed Quiches
• Sushi
• Prawn purses
• Dim Sims
• Tempura Prawns
• Tempura fish bites
• Tempura Soft shell Crabs


We stock the full range of McCain Chips, so just ask us if you have any queries on availability.

If your have any queries please give our Sales Manager a call.

Josh Roydhouse - Mobile 0425 176 696


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