Market Report


Bad news first, unfortunately the Chatham Islands in New Zealand copped a bad run of weather over the weekend which has pushed this week's delivery back to Thursday.

Now the good stuff; The attached picture of "Hapuka local" is actually from New Zealand! Geez they do a great job over there, we expect to see a good supply of Blue Eye and Hapuka for the rest of the week and we have a few hundred kilograms of skinless and boneless Sea Bream landing early Thursday morning.

There is so much Snapper being caught at the moment the price has come down and the quality is astounding! Most fish are being caught off of South Australia with a good amount also coming from around Victoria. Our lovely (if not bloody cold!) run of winter weather over the last few days is really bolstering our hopes for great catches of local fish. The good news vibe is being backed up by the Garfish (pictured) that came in this morning as well as news that a fishermen out of Sorrento is on his way to Clamms with some Calamari he caught over night! Oh Yeah.

We are hoping to see King George Whiting, Cuttlefish and more Calamari and Garfish throughout the week and we've got our fingers crossed for some more of the awesome Duck Fish and Rock Flatheads which have been very scarce of late (which may or may not be in our chiller..) Rock Flathead season generally kicks on around September / October so supply will fine up as the weather starts to improve.

Now if all the above speculation wasn't enough for you then how about this for non-committal; we are getting whispers of fresh XL Clarence River prawns possibly making their way down to Melbourne a little later this week. Clamms has also ordered around 20kg of fresh baby octopus coming from Port Lincoln with some more Vongali on Thursday.


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