Market Report


Yellow fin Tuna catches will be quite low this week obviously impacting the available volumes at market so expect the price to increase a little. Being the clever operators that we are here at Clamms Seafood we've managed to get our hands on some Southern Blue fin Tuna (pictured) to help negate the short fall in Yellow fin.

Although everyone likes to look at the pretty red (lean) colour of the Yellow fin I know why I'd prefer to eat the darker, slightly paler (mmm fatty) flesh of the Blue fin and that's the flavour!

Blue eye, Hapuka (pictured), Trumpeter, Shark bay Whiting and Trevally are all in good supply at the moment and should continue that way throughout the week. Flathead, Rockling, Snapper and Blue eye in particular have come down in price after a weekend of good catches.

Some species of local fish remain hard to catch this week like Rock Flathead and King George Whiting (Shark Bay Whiting is a great sub) although we've seen the return of Garfish and even a little bit of local Rockling (pictured) coming in this morning.

Short and sweet this week guys. If you have any questions you can hit us up on 96896322, or follow us on Twitter or Instagram.


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