Market Report


Although winter brings the best quality seafood unfortunately catching the fish gets a lot more difficult.

Blue Eye and Hapuka are going to be scarce this week. The 100kg of Blue eye we have allocated this week sounds like a lot it's actually a huge cut back. Hapuka will remain scarce but not as bad as the Blue Eye.

Blue Warehou (aka Black Trevally) and skinless & boneless Sea Bream are available in good volume this week. Blue Warehou is a delicious white fleshed fish that eats very similarly to Blue Eye making it a great substitute for Blue Eye especially when it's about half the price.

Check out the Tuna pictured! There are some fantastic fish being caught out of Mooloolaba at the moment, the same guys catching these awesome Tuna are also targeting Swordfish which is of exceptional quality and very consistent supply.

Angassi oysters from Port Phillip Bay (Clifton Springs) are in great eating condition at this time of year and after sampling a few of these native Victorian oysters last week we've arranged for another delivery on Wednesday morning so get your orders in tonight as volume will be a bit limited initially. Sashimi grade Crystal Bay prawns arrived this morning and are looking as fantastic as ever.

Chatham Island Blue Cod caught by Lee Fisheries is now available through Clamms Seafood, please allow two or three days for your orders as transport out of the Chatham's is very weather dependant. If you haven't tried Blue Cod you're really missing out on a great eating experience!

Locally caught fish as always are available (Duck fish pictured) although a little bit choppy supply wise this week, please give Clamms Seafood a call on 96896322 before committing to local species. Finally don't forget to check out our Bulk Buys this week for some great bargains; Cape Grim Tenderloin and Cube Roll remain a great buy this week as does the Spanish Mackerel (pictured) from Exmouth W.A.


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