Market Report


We've had a slow start to the week down the markets so far although initial reports of supply and pricing indicate the rest of the week will be a good one.

There are some fantastic local species around like Rock Flathead, Garfish (pictured), Gurnard and the fresh Tasmanian scallops mentioned last week are looking like they will be available for a while.

The north Queensland Cobia has been very popular this week and will probably sell out before our next delivery on Friday. It must have been New Zealand's turn for good weather over the weekend as we have plenty of Blue Eye and Hapuka from Wednesday and good volumes of Black Trevally and Stripy Trumpeter (pictured)coming in.

The Bulk Buys this week will extend our Cape Grim Beef special for Tenderloin and Cube Roll and see Swordfish from Mooloolaba and some cheap and cheerful Blue Grenadier added.


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