Market Report


Tough weather and a slow market seem to be the general theme in seafood at the moment. All the great southern fisheries like W.A, S.A, Victoria and even New Zealand seem to be taking the poor conditions in turns!

So just as the supply from New Zealand slows and Blue Eye prices in particular reach some lofty heights we get news from West Australia that conditions are great and some quality Spanish Mackerel and Shark Bay Whiting (pictured) turn up! With the promise of more consistent catches to come.

Speaking of good news from W.A as of next week Clamms Seafood will very proudly become the sole Victorian distributor of this fantastic sea cage farmed Barramundi! So remember if you need the best Barra you need to call Clamms!

We have some Turbot coming from New Zealand a little later in the week, Rockling is in good supply and has made our Bulk Buys list as has Cone Bay Barramundi. We've had a very limited amount of beautiful large Tasmanian scallops (pictured) arrive this morning at a very agreeable price, on Thursday this week we'll have some XL Surf clams also from Tasmania.

Clamms Seafood is promoting two prime cuts of Cape Grim Beef on our Bulk Buys this week the way these Tenderloins and Scotch fillets are priced I don't think they'll be around for long.

We were lucky enough to participate in a tasting of Fraser Island spanner crab meat last week, if you haven't yet tried the Fraser Island product I strongly recommend you give it a crack. This crab meat is currently only available in frozen raw form but flavour wise is hard to match!

That's the news for this week, thank you for reading.


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