Market Report


As forecast last week we have entered a difficult couple of days for seafood supply, staples such as Calamari and Cuttlefish which have been cheap and plentiful up until the weekend are now quite expensive IF you are lucky enough to get them!

Recent weather conditions are to blame for this lack of volume at the markets and understandably so, we can only imagine what the howling winds were like out on the open water! The good thing about bad weather is its only ever temporary and conditions will fine up sooner rather than later.

The important thing to remember during tricky supply periods like we are in at the moment is that flexibility of species you can use will save you! The beauty of Australia's diverse fisheries is that there is ALWAYS something super fresh of high quality and reasonably priced available it just might take a little imagination and a few menu tweaks!

Check out the Flounder and bay Snapper attached above for just an example of the quality product available at Clamms. We have still managed to find some good value fresh and frozen seafood for the Bulk Buys list this week so please don't forget to check them out, if your concerned about what to use check out our pricelist because if it's on there then we are fairly confident they will be available or give contact us for a chat!

We recognise that the timing is unfortunate but we are currently coming out of a dark moon cycle which affects Tuna and Swordfish catches, this cycle means the nights are darker than usual because of the orientation of the Earth and the Sun making the Moon invisible (not reflective) against the backdrop of the Sun in the sky(how's that for an astrology lesson!).

There is no definitive explanation for why this impacts Tuna and Swordfish catches among other species but the best explanation we've heard is that during the dark side of the moon cycle bait fish and squid swim in much deeper waters attracting the Tuna and Swordfish to go down deep to feed on them.

Just a reminder that as of next week there will be a price increase on all Yarra Valley Caviar products due to poorer than anticipated yields, the boys have assured us that there will not be any supply issues although the rise was inevitable.


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