Market Report


There is nothing quite like a Melbourne winter!

Sir Douglas Mawson' famous image (pictured) was actually taken at the Melbourne fish market before he left for the South Pole (no facts have been checked)

Although it's not all that pleasant outside the cold is quite good for fishing; Hapuka (bulk buys), Blue Eye and John Dory will be available all week, Flounder will arrive on Wednesday and then again on Thursday and a good amount of skinless and boneless Sea Bream is expected later this week. As mentioned above Hapuka is on our Bulk Buy specials this week as well as Swordfish and Rockling.

We have also added a few new lines to the frozen Bulk Buys this week so check it out! Western Australia's Cone Bay Barramundi is running a special until the end of the month bringing the price very close to the imported farmed Barramundi on the market (sometimes being posed as Cone Bay by some unscrupulous operators) so if you haven't yet tried Cone Bays smashing sea farmed Barramundi you've officially run out of excuses!

Locally we are as always seeing a nice variety of high quality low volume species on a daily basis; Black Bream, Garfish, King George Whiting and Bonito are todays standouts! Larger Snapper (pic) is of excellent quality although it is fairly scarce and expensive this week. Clamms is still getting regular deliveries of St Helens fresh Sea Urchin roe, WA Shark Bay whiting has remained consistent as have both raw and cooked Crystal Bay prawns which are probably at their best this time of year.

We've included a couple pictures of the North Queensland Cobia which will be available from Friday this week, as you can see from the pictures its quite a large white flesh fish with a great fat content. Those of you squinting at the image of the Cobias flesh thinking "geez it looks like it's marbled like wagyu beef" I can happily assure you that it is marbled like wagyu beef!

That's the latest, don't forget that you can contact us on 96896322 or follow us on Twitter or Instagram @clammsseafood.


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