Market Report


Geez it's good to be back after a (short) long weekend!

Especially after we've had some great winter weather over the last few days and with more predicted for this week we're probably in for another good supply run!

New Zealand seems to have shared some of our great southern weather with early reports of John Dory, Hapuka, Bass Groper, Blue Eye and Sea Bream catches which are doing good things for our confidence this week, the pricing isn't have bad either! There are still some great value species about this week like Blue Grenadier, Rockling, Monkfish and Trevally check out our price lists for more details. The fantastic W.A Shark Bay Whiting (pictured) is back in full swing after a break in the fishing of a few weeks, the first batch arrived just a few hours ago so don't be shy and order up! Now these Whiting will be around quite

consistently for the next few weeks at least.

New products aren't that common in the seafood business so it's pretty exciting when something comes along even more so when it's as good as Pacific Reefs North Queensland Cobia! We are expecting our first shipment of these beautiful fish late next week, each fish is pole caught one at a time then brain spiked, bled and iced within 30 seconds of coming out of the water! This great level of care and speedy method of dispatching the fish means super quality low stressed fish which have a fantastic fat content, brilliant quality and a versatility of uses which very few species could match. Clamms Seafood is looking forward to bringing this great product to our customers, stay tuned for pricing which should please!

That's about it for this week, thanks for reading!


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