Market Report


The rough weather which had been interrupting catches over in New Zealand has only just eased in the last 24 hours, so the beginning of the week will probably remain a little tight for supply but we are expecting good catches of Bass Groper, Blue Eye, Hapuka, Trumpeter(bulk buy), John Dory and some Flounder from Wednesday or Thursday this week.

This week's Bulk Buys include Rockling fillets, Trumpeter Fillets and Cube Roll from Cape Grim in Tasmania check out the Cape Grim website for loads of information on breed, farmers and traceability.

The awesome run of Snapper has started to slow with supply expected to be a little tricky towards the weekend, Tuna has come up a little bit price wise due to catch sizes, this lack of catch means Rudderfish(butter) is very hard to get right now, funnily enough Swordfish remains consistent.

Besides our Bulk Buys there are plenty of great value local species available this week; Coorong Pippies (pictured) are on at the moment and priced like they're going out of fashion! Garfish, Calamari (pic) and Cuttlefish are coming through in good volume and really well priced.


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