Market Report


Finally some nice weather and good fishing conditions! Autumn is traditionally a time for consolidating supply and making sure all of our customers are happy chappy's.

Most lines remain consistent with Snapper and King George Whiting still quite high. Rock flathead and New Zealand King Salmon are a bit limited for the time being but should improve shortly.

The growing demand for locally caught fish here in Melbourne is fantastic for the local industry as well as being great for diners, with low "food miles" and speedy freight times there simply isn't a fresher option unless you catch your dinner yourself! Although not a secret for industry insiders these cheap, fresh and local species (some examples pictured) already have fishing infrastructure in place so when demand increases supply will also increase! Win/ win....unless you're a Bonito (pictured).

It is important to mention that the majority of local fishermen operate out of day boats, so while the quality is amazing they are very much at the mercy of the weather conditions.

If its value for money you're after (and who isn't!) then check out our Bulk Buys this week (attached above) Skinless and boneless Sea Bream, Hapuka fillets and Rockling all get a spot on our weekly value list BUT!!! Who can go past Blue Grenadier for value this week! Hugely under rated is the Blue Grenadier but great for battering or grilling and because of its delicate flavour and flaky characteristics it really is suited for mousses and fish cakes. Give it a try you won't be disappointed.

Now for those of you looking for something a little bit fancy for your specials board this week I've just received news that Wednesday morning we will see around 100kg of live Balmain Bugs just moments ago caught in Lakes Entrance! Now if that doesn't tickle your fancy how about this for a treat! On Thursday morning Clamms has another 100 or so kilograms of fresh Clarence River XL prawns arriving from..... yup Clarence River NSW.


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