Market Report


Two consecutive short weeks, Easter prices and a cyclone off the coast of Queensland! Now that's the challenging market conditions (excuses?) this industry is famous for.

The market is closed on Good Friday, Saturday, Sunday as always and Monday making Tuesdays market a nightmare thanks to little fish coming in and everyone desperate to top up after a no doubt busy Easter weekend in food service. On the bright side all our customers are incredibly organized and won't leave their ordering until the Thursday morning..... But in case they do we are ready!

The cyclonic conditions moving along the coast of Queensland have seriously compromised the supply of Tuna, Swordfish, Marlin, Spanish mackerel and Rudder (butter) fish as well as other warm water species.
Easter demand has as expected pushed up prices almost across the board as far as wild caught fish goes, although there is still plenty of good value fish to be found in farmed lines as well as locally caught species like Rock flathead, Sea bream and Gurnard.
We did get a bit of a treat from W.A this week with the "famous" Shark Bay Whiting (pictured) landing on Monday and it looks likely for the rest of the week.

You may have noticed Vongali supply getting a bit choppy recently this is because South Australian quotas are just about filled and catches are being tapered off. The good news is the Tasmanian "grey" Vongali are expected to kick on as early as next week. That's probably enough for this week so the team at Clamms Seafood would like to wish all of our customers and readers a safe and happy Easter break!


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