Market Report


The Easter period's usual price inflations have begun, the situation hasn't been helped by most boats delaying their normal fishing cycle (meaning less available product now) to make sure their catches arrive fresh to market for Easter sales when demand is highest.

Flathead and Snapper have pushed right up, New Zealand fish like Blue eye (pictured) and Hapuka have started to creep up in price although they're still quite reasonable.
Rockling and the aforementioned Hapuka have a slot on the weekly Clamms Bulk Buy list (see attachment). Crystal Bay prawns both cooked and sashimi grade are now in stock and will be readily available for the foreseeable future. Cuttlefish (pictured) and Calamari were a little scarce at the start of the week although they look to be coming through now.

With prices of wild caught fish expected to keep pushing up as we get closer to Easter why not try some farmed fish like Salmon, Ocean Trout, Cone Bay barramundi (pictured) Rainbow Trout, Kingfish or Mulloway? These species are all consistently available and will remain so through Easter and beyond, pricing is also unlikely to change without warning.


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