Market Report


As suggested over the last few weeks the consistency of supply has improved a great deal as we head deeper into autumn.

Flathead seems to be running at the moment with great quality fish available at even better prices, Snapper (pictured) remains higher than average although catches are improving and some of the fish coming out of South Australia are amazing! King George Whiting (also pictured) is really galvanizing itself as a premium fish with prices at all time highs but with the quality, consistency and range of sizes that chefs can choose from it's easy to see why it commands such a price.

The Sea Bream we are starting to see on a regular basis has been absolutely smashing! This fish is finally getting the appreciation it deserves and the fishermen are really putting in the effort to bring quality fish into market.

The lads over at Yarra Valley Caviar have regretfully informed us that their fantastic little Brook Trout's have gone to spawn a little earlier than expected this season so unfortunately this week is the last week until spring that Brook Trout will be available.

With water temperatures starting to decrease around Tasmanian and South Australian oyster regions Clamms can happily report that oyster quality is starting to improve and it shouldn't be long before we get back to the fantastic quality we are used to.

Crystal Bay prawns will finally be back on the market from next week! No firm delivery date yet but we are expecting them around Tuesday or Wednesday next week. I don't think we've ever had this much good news in one week (except the Brook trout!) I've gotten so used to being the purveyor of doom and gloom that I'm not sure what this weird positivity I'm feeling is! So to cap of a great run of good news (drum roll please!!!) The long awaited and much pined about West Australian Octopus hands are finally back in stock! The packaging is different although thanks to James Kummrow at Fatto restaurant we have confirmed that the product and the quality are of the same quality everyone seems to love so much!


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