Market Report


This week's Market Report brought to you by oppressively hot weather and strong winds blasting across the southern states of the country! At least living in Melbourne means we'll probably get some snow at some point!

As mentioned above the hot weather currently being experienced through the countries oyster regions will likely spell the end of the Pacific oyster for this season, Triploid (sexless) oysters are still a few weeks away from market. Fortunately Clamms has been busily securing supplies of the native Rock oyster which don't spawn until autumn, and we are actually running a bit of special on Rock oysters. We are seeing small volumes of great local fish come through (see pictures) although they are very sporadic in terms of supply.

Expect Blue Grenadier, Oreo Dory and Flathead to stay well priced this week with great catches and exceptional quality fish around. Flounder will remain scarce this week as well as Rock Flathead and by the looks of things large Snapper will be tough to get and a little more expensive than usual. Tuna may be in short supply next week due to some logistical changes with one of the largest Tuna fleets in Australia.

Yabbies are pretty much over for this season, they have been very difficult to get over the last fortnight and what little we have seen has been very expensive.


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