Market Report


What a relief it is to have something to write about after the doom and gloom of last weeks report! Now that everyone (most???) of us is back at work the fisherman have decided it may be a good idea to catch some bloody fish. With the hot weather coming across the southern states this week it's safe to say that the quality of oysters will start to deteriorate, it may be a good idea to have a substitute menu item until the Triploids start (usually February) Belmain Bugs (pictured) are expected to start running over the next few weeks and are a delicious specials board option. We are seeing some small catches of less mainstream (super fresh and cheap) species like Duck fish (pic) Sand Whiting, Leather Jackets and Gurnard among other varieties. If you have been watching the financial markets you may have noticed that the NZ dollar (also known as Monopoly money) has made a surprising push for parity with our own dollar, if this lasts it will likely start to push the price up on Blue Eye, Hapuka, Bass Groper, Rockling and John Dory.
Remaining scarce and a little expensive this week is the Hapuka, Tuna, Swordfish and Vongali.
Good supply and reasonably priced this week will be Flat head, Blue Eye, Snapper (pic). Ocean Trout and Rockling are on our Bulk Buys. Just a reminder that Umi Budo, Brook Trout and fresh cooked and Sashimi grade Crystal bay prawns will be available from Wednesday and live WA Marron are available Tuesday through Saturday.
Don't forget to check out our pricelist and Bulk Buy specials list attached to this report.


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