Market Report



Good morning chefs!


Quite a good market this morning with plenty of varieties and excellent quality! Let’s hope it continues!


The only products looking unlikely this week are the King Dory which has been running well and the live Rottnest Island Scallops.


Surprisingly we are still getting Yabbies  regularly, not sure how much longer this will continue so get in while you can.  Another unusual treat this week are the two Mahi Mahi that landed this morning, Mahi Mahi is a beautiful large tropical sports fish with meaty flesh like a cross between Marlin and Swordfish.  Arriving early Thursday morning we have some Bincho grade Albacore Tuna from Mooloolaba the “Bincho” bit is what sets this Tuna apart from regular Albacore, fish are only graded Bincho if they are caught live and then they go through a grading process to ensure a consistent high quality product! Finally the first fresh Victorian scallop meat of the season has arrived this morning from Lakes Entrance excellent sweetness and super fresh if not a little small.


You can’t miss this morning as far as quality goes but if I had to choose I’d start with Garfish, Black Bream, Gurnard (pictured) Rock Flathead, Snapper (pictured) Spanish Mackerel and you can’t go past Blue Cod (also pictured) this week a little too big to serve whole but perfect for fillets and a real bargain at $19.99kg!


Thanks guys please don’t hesitate to call with any queries! 9689 6322   





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