Market Report


Not a great deal to report this week, some of the VALUE products available include School Shark, Silver (Mirror) Dory, Sea Bream skinless & boneless (See our Bulk Buys Price List) and Flathead prices are continuing to soften although a little slower than we would like.


SHORT supply King George Whiting and Rock Flathead may create a few headaches and our friends over the ditch are skeptical about Blue eye catches for the rest of the week.


BACK in stock after some water quality issues are Tasmanian oysters being given the all clear and a mandatory taste test! These are back in Clamms purpose built live oyster room.  On Thursday we have some baby Murray Cod arriving as well as the much anticipated New Zealand Blue Cod.


QUALITY catches of S.A and local Calamari (pictured) Black Bream, Bonito, XL John Dory, Red Bite fish (pictured) and S.A brain spiked (iki-jime) Snapper.


GOOD SUPPLY of Red Emperor, Gold Band Snapper (both pictured) and Silver Dory.  Without unforeseen nasty weather or other dramas prices should continue to soften and catches remain good.


For any other questions you may have please call us on 9689 6322.


Thank you from the team at Clamms Seafood



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