Market Report


With miserable and windy weather conditions predicted for the week steady supply may prove a touch problematic.  Volatility in New Zealand has seen a slight increase in the price of Hapuku and Blue Eye although John Dory has made a welcome return after tight supply over the last two weeks.  King George Whiting looks to remain scarce this week with very small catches of good quality fish. 


Coming into season over the next few weeks will be Rockling, Black Trevally, King Dory, Hapuku and John Dory.  Meanwhile Yabbies are on their way out as it gets colder and it maybe a while before we see Red Claw this season, a good option to bridge the gap are W.A Marron although a little more expensive they are available in a wide range of sizes and very consistent.


Bargain fish this week include skinless and boned Sea Bream and Monkfish and the price of King Dory has dropped $10kg in two weeks! If you haven’t tried this gorgeous fish there really hasn’t been a better time!  We have seen some excellent quality local fish in the market so far this week (pictured) Gurnard from Lakes Entrance VIC and the Sashimi fish of the moment gracing many of Melbourne’s menu’s is the stunning Bonito also pictured.  Out of New Zealand we are getting some great plate sized flounders and a bit of treat from Chatham Island the delicious Blue Cod (both pictured) Rottnest Island Scallops are a bit of a “maybe” this week our best chance being Friday.



That’s about it for this week.


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