Market Report


The strong wind is going to make this a tough week for supply, we are expecting local and South Australian caught species like Snapper, Calamari and Flathead to be the worst affected although prices haven't increased by much.

New Zealand caught Ling and Victorian Spotted Trevally are on the Clamms Bulk Buys this week and are a great bargain relief from some solid pricing on other popular species.

Hapuka pricing is crazy so far with very little caught so far, best to use something else. Blue eye is a little higher than usual but still a relatively good option and in good supply.

Spring Bay mussels are to remain unavailable for at least another week.

The hand dived Port Phillip scallops are yet to be confirmed this week with this wind potentially putting a delay on delivery. The Urchin roe which is also dived for in the bay has been delayed this week, the divers aren't planning to get in the water until the weekend. We'll keep you posted either way.

- Clamms has just taken delivery of new season Skull Island Tiger prawns check out for details, these prawns are a real high end treat and incredible respect for product is obvious as soon as you open a box of these monster prawns. - Finally the Whole team at Clamms Seafood would like to congratulate all the winners from last night's Good Food Guide awards heaven knows you guys work bloody hard and deserve any and all recognition. Well done!


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