Market Report


Rough weather over the weekend means we've had quite a small market so far this week. The Spring Bay Mussel farm is still recording high algae levels, the good news is the level has decreased significantly. Blue eye and Hapuka will be hard to come by this week so far we only have the promise of Blue Eye for tomorrow. Fresh scallop meat , half shell and whole scallops from Tasmania are still going strong making these delicious scallops a great Spring menu option. Fresh Urchin Roe should be back in stock by Friday after a small interruption to supply last week. Did you know that Fraser Island Spanner Crab produce their gorgeously sweet fresh Spanner meat product exclusively for Clamms Seafood! That's right fresh not frozen or thawed but live caught Spanner crabs are steamed, picked of meat, vacuum packed and chilled within hours of being caught. The lads also do a great raw and cooked frozen product also available at Clamms. South Australian Snapper is having a great run this week and the price has come down and is on special this week so please check out the Bulk Buys for this and other specials! With good weather predicted from Friday we are all hoping for some awesome local fish catches just in time for the weekend.


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