About Clamms Seafood

In 1989, Con Andronis and George Kaparos, two of Melbourne's finest fishmongers, established Clamms Fast Fish in Acland Street, St Kilda. Their vision was to establish a wholesale seafood business, focused on supplying quality seafood to the food service, retail, and hospitality industry sectors. Using their extensive knowledge of the wholesale seafood industry, with a combined total of 30 years experience, Clamms Fast Fish established itself as a significant player in the industry. James Andronis joined Clamms Fast Fish in 2000, bringing further innovation and vitality to the business, thus enhancing its success. In 2005, Clamms Fast Fish amalgamated with Jim Jurie Fish Merchant to form Clamms Seafood Pty Ltd. Jim Jurie Fish Merchant, and its Director Jason Jurie, had a reputation for quality resultant from operating in the Melbourne wholesale fish market since 1981. The Jurie family has been involved in seafood for over fifty years and was one of the first seafood distributors to bring New Zealand species to the Australian market.

Clamms Seafood currently supplies over five hundred accounts in all market segments within the Victorian Hospitality sector, delivering quality produce daily, all over Victoria. Clamms Seafood has firmly established itself as the leading provider of both fresh and frozen seafood and as such is a favoured supplier for many of Victoria's elite eateries and chefs. Produce is sourced from wholesale markets direct through ports and fishermen, aquaculture farms, and credible suppliers across Australia, thereby ensuring the highest quality seafood is provided to customers each and every time.

At Clamms Seafood we are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality fresh and frozen seafood, and stand firm to our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Our promise is to deliver that standard of quality each and every time. Our catch phrase, "The Biggest Fish in the Sea is You" , is paramount to all facets of the business and adopted by all owners, managers and staff. Clamms Seafood is well respected for its integrity, consistency of product and for providing the freshest seafood in the industry. In 2006, Clamms Seafood, in particular Con Andronis, was awarded Melbourne Food and Wine Legend status, for commitment and service to the industry. This is an award that recognizes the goals set by Clamms Seafood as a business.

The pursuit of quality is the driving force behind the success and ongoing growth of our organisation. Continuous improvement in the product range offered, makes the difference. Fresh and frozen seafood is sourced from credible suppliers across Australia and as a business, we only operate and deal with those suppliers that follow strict HACCP guidelines and are environmentally friendly. Clamms Seafood is the only wholesaler in Victoria that can offer their customers a promise that all food safety requirements have been adhered to, and has set the standard for others to follow across Australia. With an onsite auditing team and full traceability programs matched with cold chain management, we guarantee that seafood has been correctly handled and above all is safe for our customers. The commitment to food safety is an integral part of business strategy, along with a commitment to industry by ensuring that as a market leader, a standard is set, maintained and adhered to at every opportunity.

Our greatest and most valuable asset is our people. We encourage open communication, a team approach, entrepreneurial spirit, and understand that out success to date could not have been possible without the commitment to excellence displayed by our people. All ideas, beliefs, and contributions are valued. We encourage our people to maintain the delicate balance between work, family, and community, thereby increasing and continually fostering a culture of respect and commitment. Owners actively participate in all aspects of the business in order to maintain strict quality control efficient purchasing practices and genuine customer relations. All employees have extensive experience in the seafood industry and complete knowledge of health procedures and requirements through the achievement of HACCP accreditation and are fully trained in seafood handling, distribution and storage.


Clamms Seafood extends it services to overseas clientele, and as a group we are able to export fish all over the world. Through our export brand, Yabby Blue, we can coordinate international shipping of Australia's finest seafood - fresh, frozen and live. Currently, Yabby Blue exports products to some of the leading hotels of the world, providing them with access to our complete range, along with support information relating to the product. Australia is regarded as one of the best sources of seafood globally, and although we take it for granted here in Australia, we now can offer our international customers seafood that is both safe, of excellent quality, and above all is competitive in price.


As a group, we offer our customers an insight into what Clamms is as a business, and can arrange a tour of the facility for groups of up to 10 persons at a time. TAFE educational tours can be conducted giving young chefs an insight into Clamms. The tour includes a fish identification program, insights into various species, production of orders, and a general tour of the facility.
Clamms offer our customers support through consultation with regard to seafood menu offering, and consultation as to product range applicable to business. Clamms regularly conducts Chefs' Tours around Australia, designed to give chefs a hands-on insight into our suppliers, and are designed as an educational resource for chefs. These tours are by invitation only.


Clamms Seafood delivers all over Victoria daily and has a fleet of trucks that are state of the art. With a controlled temperature environment, our vehicles are like cool rooms on wheels, and we guarantee that seafood will arrive to our customers in the best possible condition at the correct temperature by well trained courteous drivers, who adopt a principal of exemplary customer service.

All our drivers are trained in house on customer service delivery protocols and food safety. They possess a clean driving history, and are personally responsible for their vehicles. Our fleet manager has installed an ownership policy with our drivers that makes them integral to the running of their vehicle. With regular checking and service, our vehicles are well maintained, clean, efficient and controlled.

Within the Melbourne CBD, we offer a quick turnaround from order to delivery, and have established a reputation for service excellence


The Quality Assurance System applies to all activities of the Company, and has been developed in accordance with HACCP requirements. This system is fully documented and structured in 2 levels:

Level 1: Quality Manual

This document details the corporate quality policy and structure of the Company and references the appropriate Operating Procedures.

Level 2: Operating Procedures

Work Forms, Work Lists, Work Instructions
These documents describe the actual processes and controls applied to all activities relating to the quality management system.


This procedure is to establish and maintain a system for identifying products throughout all operations of Clamms Seafood. It ensures that all products supplied to Clamms Seafood are identified and traced through the quality system. In addition, it ensures that all products processed and sold by Clamms Seafood can be tracked back to the date of purchase and the supplier.